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The year 2021 was an out of this world year for Nolimit City, as most of our readers know. It was a year of epic adventures, complicated features, risky storylines, buckets of charisma, and, finally, large payouts. When someone achieves success in the world, observers immediately get curious about their future endeavors in that field. Will they be able to breathe? Is there no more petrol to go? Will inspiration fizzle out or become stronger? Nolimit City, never one to back down from a challenge, sprung into action with a massive match to kick off the year 2022. After having a run-in with Tombstone RIP, we can confirm the widespread rumors to be real.

Let’s get straight to the point of this review, shall we? You’ve never seen a game like Tombstone RIP, and it’s terrible. The characters in this Western are as one-note as the town they inhabit: one minute they’re having a good time at the bar, the next they’re being strung up by the rope. You can see that we didn’t just make up that line for emphasis by activating the bonus spins. Despite Nolimit City’s Western expertise, you shouldn’t anticipate the same anarchy as in Deadwood or the cartoonish visuals of the original Tombstone slot. Tombstone RIP promises to “kill you like a dog,” so if that sounds fun to you, you should definitely take a stroll through its beautifully designed landscape and see what happens.

The game begins with a stake range of 10 p/c to £/€50 every spin, which is lower than normal for Nolimit City but understandable given the 300,000x record-breaking potential. The Enhanced Bet feature allows gamblers to boost their wagers by 10% in the hopes of triggering a scatter symbol on reel 2. As usual, there are varying rates of return (RTP), with the normal option offering an RTP of 96.08% and the Enhanced Bet increasing that to 96.28%. Keep in mind that the return value is adjustable, and that it is documented in the documentation. Volatility has been given a perfect score of 10 and has been given the title “Insane” by the developer.

Caution: if you’re looking for a reliable stream of small winnings on the same line again and over, go elsewhere. In part because of the xRIP functionality discussed below, the hit frequency has been measured at 8.7 percent. Tombstone RIP utilizes a reel layout very similar to that of the original game: five reels arranged in a 2-3-3-1 pattern, for a total of 108 possible paylines. Only premium symbols show on the last reel, while all other symbols count as two.

The regular payouts consist of a total of ten symbols, five of which are the 10-A low pay card royals and five of which are character tiles. Five of a kind at low pays pays 0.5 to 0.9 times the wager, while at premium pays it pays 1 to 4 times the wager. Get out your notebook and we’ll get down to the features.

Slot Machine Bonus Rounds Tombstone

The options in Tombstone RIP aren’t as straightforward as some other games from Nolimit City (looking at you, Mental), but they’re still above average. You’ll discover Hang ‘Em High Free Spins, Boothill Free Spins, and xNudge Wilds among the features available here. The odds of winning 300,000 times the initial bet are 1 in 130,000,000, which is still rather low. By activating the perks, your odds are much improved.

The x-Nudge Technique for the Wilds

These wild symbols are layered and always shift slightly so that they fill the screen. When they shift, their multiplier goes up by one. xNudge Multipliers from several Wilds are combined together, and they only appear on the center three reels.

Split Wilds & Wilds

Splitting Wilds only appear on reels three, four, and five, whereas regular Wild symbols appear on reels two through five. When Splitting Wilds appear, they divide in half along with any other symbols on that reel, thereby doubling your winnings.

Wild symbols that xSplit on reel 5 count as two symbols. When it lands, it cuts four distinct routes across the symbols in the rows to its left. Symbols that have previously been separated are separated once again. When an xSplit divides an xNudge Wild, the multiplier for the Wild is increased by 1.


You should detest this feature if you believe in justice. When xRIP is on, no payout is provided if a winning combination occurs in either the main or bonus game and its value is less than the base stake.


Hang ’em High scatters show up on reels two, three, and five, whereas the Boothill scatter only shows up on reel four. When you get 3 Hang ’em High scatters, you’ll get 8 free spins in the Hang ’em High bonus round. When you get two Hang ’em High scatters, they split the reels in half.

Three Hang ’em High scatters in combination with a Boothill scatter triggers 10 Boothill Free Games. A Boothill scatter that lands outside of the bonus game will change into a Cowboy icon. This Cowboy icon acts as a reel-wide wild and may grant a multiplier of x5 to x999.

Free-Spins “Hang ’em High”

This bonus round occurs once every 194 spins (1/96 enhanced wager) and has a win multiplier that increases whenever Wilds, Reel Split Wilds, xSplit Wilds, or xNudge Wilds appear. The multipliers stay static throughout the whole bonus round. If a Boothill scatter appears during this bonus, it will upgrade to Boothill Free Spins, awarding an additional two free games. The odds of winning the maximum amount from this bonus game are one in 1,360,000.

A Freespin by Boothill

It will take a lot of luck to get the Super free spins to activate naturally, since it only happens once every 85 thousand spins (1 in 63 thousand with the upgraded bet). The same principles for multiplying wins apply here as in the Hang ’em High Free Spins bonus round. In addition, the Cowboy symbol on the fifth and final reel will substitute for all other symbols of its kind during that spin. In addition, a random Cowboy symbol will get a multiplier of between 5x and 999x attached to it before each spin. The selected Cowboy symbol has its multiplier increased by the total multiplier before the win is calculated. The odds of reaching the maximum win amount of 300,000x from this point on are 1 in 16,000.

Uncapped Benefits

Players can opt out of the main game at any time and instead spend their money on the free spins or multiplier bonus rounds. The RTP for Boothill Free Spins is 97.03%, while the RTP for Hang ’em High Free Spins is 96.47% (at a cost of 70x the stake).

Tombstone So long, Slot Verdict

Tombstone RIP is a masterpiece that makes you scratch your metaphorical head. Weird Al Yankovic had a scene in his film “The Vidiot From UHF” where a blind man plays with a Rubik’s Cube and, after each turn, asks the man sitting next to him if he’s solved it. This is what it’s like to play Tombstone RIP when the odds are stacked against you. It’s important to remember that Nolimit City openly acknowledged Tombstone RIP’s difficulty, even going so far as to label it “unplayable.” Upon loading Tombstone RIP, players are greeted with a funny question that must be answered properly before they are allowed to play. Our hopes were, needless to say, rather high.

The events that followed did not let anyone down. Because of the xRIP function, even the original game seemed like a smack in the face as we picked up pennies only occasionally. Who else except the bold citizens of Nolimit City would dare to imagine such a thing? It has a tremendously gloomy appearance and plays brutally, yet beyond the surface lies a thrill rush that no regular slot machine can match.

But there is still no assurance of a good outcome, not even in the bonus games. The classic example of this is the time we went through the Hang ’em High bonus buy for the first time and won exactly zero dollars. Game over screens for ‘Nothing’ situations are included. The subsequent bonus rounds were, as you might expect, quite diverse. The Hang ‘Em High bonus spins were the least exciting choice. They are far less expensive, but Boothill Freespins have the potential to be much more thrilling. Potential in Tombstone RIP is something else, and not just because of the bonfires, bullets, x-features, and tense soundtrack. The way the Cowboy symbol is chosen while the reels are spinning, the multiplier is selected, the fifth reel is filled, and then the other reels are hit one by one builds some crazy anticipation.

Tombstone RIP utilizes a bag of explosives to kill a barrel of rats, if San Quentin xWays was the explosive start to 2021. I’m not really clear what this signifies, but it seems to be consistent with the Tombstone RIP philosophy, given the game’s win count-up included a hanging sequence. El Gordo’s Revenge is activated once the maximum prize of 300,000 times the initial wager has been reached, signaling the end of the count up.

Overall, it may be stretching things to call Tombstone RIP a game. The name “game” connotes enjoyment, yet if you catch Tombstone RIP on a bad day, or even a good day, you probably won’t have much fun. Having a good time and laughing carelessly isn’t the goal. Nolimit City has made it quite apparent from the get-go that this is not a game for everyone; it is a tough slot of the highest order, maybe best described as a jackpot slot. Tombstone RIP is for you if you’re the kind to laugh while crossing burning coals or sleeping on a bed of nails. Tombstone RIP’s target demographic may find the game’s wonderfully gloomy concept and brutal math to make it a contender for slot of the year, while others seeking a more lighthearted experience may prefer a saloon-room brawl.

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